How becoming a parent change you

When you’re expecting everyone tells you that things will change when you have a baby. While you completely understand this, of course things will change; nobody really tells you what will change. They don’t tell you how much your life will change or how becoming a parent changes you, as a person.
In this blog post I’ve shared just some of the ways that becoming a parent changes you. I want you to know what you can expect. There will be times that you feel like you are a failing parent. I’m here to tell you that you are not failing as a parent. We all feel that sometimes. In fact feeling like you are failing as a parent proves how much you care and that you’re really not failing at all.

1. Everything Takes Longer

This is something that you will get used to in time, but it can be hard to get to grips with in the first few months. You used to be able to pop to the shops to grab some milk or bread, for example. If you were meeting a friend it took you minutes to grab your phone, purse, keys and leave the home. Now things will take longer. You have more to pack for a start, and you’ll never be able to remember where your phone or keys are either. That said, it’s not about getting your baby ready, it’s more getting yourself ready while caring for your baby. Don’t worry; just give yourself about an hour longer to get ready before you go out. Giving yourself this extra time will help you feel more in control.

2. Spare Time

We all think we lead busy lives. However, when you have a busy baby-filled life you will wonder what you used to do with all your time. You suddenly find yourself creating an extra few hours in the day to manage everything. You will quickly gain the realisation that you weren’t that busy before, after all.

3. Plan, Plan, Plan

Planning is definitely the key to success when it comes to becoming a parent. Whipping up a dinner with whatever is in the fridge or going out for dinner on the spur of the moment will become a thing of the past, for now anyway. Trying to create the dinner party meal of your dreams is not possible with a baby on your hip. It’s a good idea to plan your meals for the week ahead and get them prepped so cooking is easier each evening.

4. Greater Awareness

It sometimes feels like this ‘greater awareness’ comes overnight. One minute all is well in the world. The next minute you are aware of everything going on in every corner of the globe, and how it could affect your baby. We all want our children to live in the best possible world and have the best environment to live and grow in. You’ll notice you are more aware of the good and bad things happening in the world. This isn’t a bad thing, but will sometimes be what keeps you awake in the middle of the night!

5. A Full Life

People often think about changing jobs to give themselves a fuller life. However, when you have a baby your life just seems full. It’s like there was a hole in your world that you never knew about, and your baby fits the hole perfectly and your life is full. While your life is suddenly more complicated, you’re getting less sleep and seeing friends less, your life seems more perfect than it ever felt before.

6. New Entertainment

While evenings used to be spent watching trash TV or whatever film was out, there is suddenly new entertainment in the house. You will spend hours just watching your baby and being entertained by them. The first giggles and smiles will leave you feeling like your smile will break your face. Rolling over, grabbing things and those first steps are more beautiful and entertaining than any book, TV show or film.

7. Your Heart

Your heart will multiply a thousand times, in a matter of seconds – yet it still won’t be big enough to contain all the love you will feel for your child. You will genuinely feel that you have never loved someone this much, and you’re not sure you ever will.

Yes, becoming a parent will change you – but it will change you in the most beautiful ways. It will be really hard at times and you’ll feel like you are doing everything wrong. It may feel like your child has been crying for hours on end, then they will look up at you with those big beautiful eyes, and you’ll know that your life is perfect again.