The Sleep Space

The Sleep space provides families with the knowledge and understanding of their child’s needs and developmental abilities. Its aim is to empower you to make realistic goals to encourage healthy sleep habits. We recognise that one rule doesn’t fit all. Our packages provide a variety of solutions that are gentle for you and your child. You will never be alone by joining our Sleep Space community.

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The Ultimate Sleep Space

We recognise parents have limited time, Our Ultimate Sleep space will offer gentle, approaches tailored to your family to improve and encourage Healthy sleep habits. Aimed for families with newborns up to preschoolers.

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The Antenatal Sleep Space

Our Antenatal Sleep space is designed to give you some information about babies sleep, what is normal, what to expect, self care and much more. A perfect way to start understand parenting and sleep!

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The Newborn and 3 – 6 month Sleep Space

Firstly enjoy your baby. Then when you are ready use our Sleep Space to find out more about your babies sleep and how to encourage healthy sleep habits for your growing baby.

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The 6-9 and 9 – 12 month Sleep Space

This Sleep space will guide you through a huge transitional time for you and your baby. You may be returning to work and introducing childcare and your little person will be learning lots of new skills so it is important to keep sleep on track.

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The World of Toddlers Sleep Space

Having a toddler is a fun journey, but you may find you have some bedtime battles, or need to wean off the night feeds and much more. Use the World of toddlers Sleep space to guide you on this parenting journey.

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Pre schoolers and beyond Sleep Space

Pre schoolers and beyond Sleep space will gives you an understanding of how your little human is developing and how this might affect their sleep. It will help you with any sleep battles you are having, with a gentle approach for healthier sleep.

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Sleep support package - £95.00

The Little Cherry Tree Company was established to offer support for every family’s individual journey. Every child is different, there is no one size fits all. Our philosophy is to empower parents to believe in their choices by giving them a better understanding behind the science of sleep. Sleep is a biological need not a luxury and we guide parents to reach their goals using achievable plans.

We treat you as our family during this process, going above and beyond to make sure we reach better sleep for you and your family.

Package includes

  • A complimentary sleep diary
  • An in-depth questionnaire to tell me about your journey so far.
  • A consultation lasting up to an hour by Skype, Phone or face to face (if local)
  • A month of email support including weekly reviews

Our Bolt ons are additions that can be added to the basic sleep support package.

All our approaches are gentle, we do not advocate cry it out options for a quick fix. When you make changes to your child’s routine we should allow 26 nights to allow our children to adjust. Some families prefer the extra month of support to keep them on track, to add more changes.

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An extra month of support

This must be booked before the initial package finishes and includes another month of support and weekly reviews.

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Siblings Bolt on

Do you have more than one child and need help with both of them? We treat every child as an individual so we appreciate that they may have different sleep issues. If this sounds like your family then why not use our sibling bolt on.We can tailor individual plans for each child.

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Basic sleep package + The Ultimate Sleep Space - £138.50

(10% discount off price if bought separately)

This offer includes everything in the basic sleep package plus access to our Ultimate Sleep Space, an online information hub that you can access at any time to find out more about specific issues. Children will always go through sleep blips so this access will certainly keep you on track and answer any questions you may have at any time of day or night. You will also be invited into our Sleep space community so you will never be alone.

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Free 15 minute call

Are you struggling with your little ones sleep?

Do you feel like you have tried everything and nothing is working

Are you exhausted?

Is the lack of sleep affecting your relationships?

If you want to find out how I can help you with your little persons sleep issues then book a free call with me.

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Healthy sleep patterns workshop

(£20 per family)

Knowledge is power, and if we have a better understanding of something we manage our expectations better and this could not be any truer than for babies and sleep.

We offer a baby friendly workshop to talk about

  • the benefits of healthy sleep patterns,
  • how to encourage your baby to self settle,
  • The science of healthy sleep,
  • how to avoid unwanted habits
  • and much more

These workshops are suitable for families with babies up to 1 year old.
Our sessions are held in Warmington (PE8) however if you have a group of friends and would like to book our workshop I am happy to travel, so get in touch to discuss your needs.

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Sleep diary

A perfect tool to help you track your sleep journey and progress.

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Gift Vouchers

We sell gift vouchers for anyone wishing to purchase a gift for friends and family. These can be used for any Sleep space packages, Consultations or workshops.

Available in multiples of £10.00

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Baby massage groups - £50.00

Baby massage is not a new thing, families around the world have been massaging their children for years.

I trained with the IAIM in 2012 and have been teaching parents to massage their babies ever since. Our classes are run in a home from home environment in small welcoming groups. They run for 5 weeks.

During the class

  • We learn strokes for different body parts
  • You receive a parent pack full of helpful information
  • A complimentary bottle of oil
  • We show you techniques that will help you comfort your baby when they are full of cold, teething, struggling with colic or constipation.
  • We talk about your babies behavioural states and how to recognise them, a
  • skill not only useful for baby massage but for parenting on a day to day basis.

Our Classes aim:

  • To empower parents
  • Provides an opportunity to meet other parents
  • To teach you a new skill for life
  • To allow you to reflect on your parenting journey so far
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One to one massage

£40.00 (travel costs may be added)

Attending groups doesn’t suit everyone. Our one to one baby massage sessions run for 3 weeks at times mutually arranged.

These are suitable for families who can’t get to groups, who want to focus on a particular aspect of massage for colic, constipation or other reasons or who find walking into groups overwhelming.