2.5 year old sleep battles

Toddler sleep battles

I called Chris after a dreadful week with my 2.5 year old that included bed sharing, mid night tantrums and a very grumpy toddler and mummy.

Chris got to know Elodie and her personality before helping us implement gentle steps to improve Elodies sleep. Chris was always on hand to support the bad days, and give me reassurance when I struggled with my very strong willed 2 year old.
By following this gentle method, I felt we were building foundations that Elodie could understand and relate to. Elodie now feels in control of her bedtime, and understands her routine happily going to bed, is easy to settle and is so excited to show us her yellow clock at 6.45!

I feel I can support Elodie emotionally when she is unsettled and empowered to do bedtime and wakes up. I no longer have the dreaded nighttime fear!

Thank you Chris for bringing back our happy energetic toddler!


L.  Israel

July 2023

Chris (Auntie sleep)

baby allergies

I’m not sure words will do Chris justice but I will give it my best shot. Chris came into our lives when we needed her so deeply. Mallory was waking up 9-10 times every single night, we had to co-sleep for survival and she would have contact naps only. We beyond exhausted, broken at times and seeking desperate help. Chris got to know Mallory, who she was, what she needed and stuck by us. Mallory has severe allergies and we had many set backs but not once did Chris give up on Mallory and not once did she give up on her Mummy and Daddy. Mallory now sleeps through the night, I cry every time I say this. Our much loved little girl is happy, settled and enjoys her own space. She naps in her cot during the day and sleeps in her cot all night. Mummy and Daddy have restful nights and we even get to spend time together. Chris is Mallory’s sleep fairy godmother and our absolute saviour. This lady works miracles and she’s given us so much love and patience in the process. Chris you’re so special and we thank you from the bottom of hearts, forever in your debt! 

L. White Davies

July 2023

She was waking every 2 hours and taking an hour to go back to sleep

I contacted Chris as I had heard such great things from a friend who had great results.

When we did We were pretty desperate.

Waking every 2 hours and more, taking an hour to get back to sleep. We were exhausted and miserable spending most of

The night awake.

Chris gave us lots of advice, some had immediate effects and others took a while to get working but the short term pain absolutely meant long term gain.

We have seen significant changes in her sleep and sleep behaviours.

We have gone for as many as 8/9 + wake ups to sometimes none, or a few that take 10 mins to resettle her. This has pretty much been life changing for us.

Life is significantly better.

I also loved the access to Chris, group chats with my husband so he was involved and a really practical, tailored approach.

Chris 🧡 thank you! Eternally grateful!



February 2023

Our little boy Eli is currently 8,5 months old and just like many babies, up until 4 months he was a fantastic sleeper

Sleep regression

Our little boy Eli is currently 8,5 months old and just like many babies, up until 4 months he was a fantastic sleeper i.e. had his own natural routine, semi-consistent naps, one night feed, etc. Then the dreaded 4 months sleep regression added another night feed and things began deteriorating further. Long story short, by the time I messaged Chris at 3am desperate for help, he’d been waking up every hour every single night for 8 weeks straight…

By that point we were so lost that had Chris said the only way to get help was to camp in her garden for a month, we would have agreed! Luckily, her approach was a lot more achievable: she took us back to basics, explained why things have been the way they have and how we need to change them, analysed Eli’s sleep behaviours and came up with a plan tailored as much to him as to our family dynamic as a whole.

Within 3 days Eli was napping twice a day in his cot without being breastfed to sleep or crying-out. We were mind blown because the boy had never napped for more than 30 minutes unless he on me or in a constantly moving pram! After 2 weeks, we started noticing improvements in his night sleep too.

He’s now in a consistent routine of 2 naps a day, 18:30 bedtime and 1 feed at night. Chris has also helped us transition him into the crib in his own room which wasn’t even a part of our thinking process as all we wanted was “just a little bit more sleep”.

Interestingly though, it’s not even the above that’s been the most valuable takeaway for us. It’s, hands down, the confidence and calm with which we continue to work on our little one’s sleeping habits. Along with injecting structure back into our family life, Chris has completely reshaped the way we view sleep training. We now know (and accept) that it’s not a linear “once and for all” process and it’s OK because the tools Chris has equipped us with have now become an autopilot. We no longer stress about sleep regressions, growth spurts, teething, colds, or anything else that tends to hinder Eli’s sleep. We just stick to everything we’ve learned and continue tackling parenthood one day (and night) at a time 🥰

If you are reading this, there’s a good chance you think you might need some help. If you are in a position to call upon Chris’s services, save yourself hours of research and weeks of trials and errors.

I said this many times: Chris, you’ve changed our family life in more ways than one and we’ll forever be grateful ❤️



January  2023

When my baby was 7 months old the longest he had ever slept at night was 4 hours

7 month old sleep


When my baby was 7 months old the longest he had ever slept at night was 4 hours and he would only ever contact nap during the day. At worst we were up with him 9 times during the night and sometimes he would be awake for 2-3 hours. We were at the end of our tether. With the prospect of going back to work looming, I knew we needed professional help. Chris was recommended to me by a friend of a friend. I emailed her and she called me back within a couple of hours. I explained to her our situation, she asked me what my goal was and she reassured me that what I was asking for was achievable. Chris asked me to fill in an in depth questionnaire about my baby’s sleep and general wellbeing and a few days later she called me back for a thorough consultation and to make a plan. I was completely against leaving my baby to ‘cry it out’ and Chris did not advocate this either. With just a few tweaks and within a few days my baby was napping 3 times a day in his cot and within a month he has started sleeping 12 hours through the night. Chris sent us a sleep diary which we have filled in each day and sent back to her for review. We have also had a weekly phone consultation to express any areas of concern and to plan for the week ahead. We have had open access to Chris through WhatsApp and email, she has always replied within a couple of hours and she has been supportive and non-judgmental. This process has completely changed our lives, my baby is so much happier and I cannot thank Chris enough. I was willing to pay whatever it would cost to get a good nights sleep, but Chris’ prices are completely reasonable and reliable. I cannot recommend her enough.



November 2022

After 10 months of sleep deprivation…

After 10 months of sleep deprivation thinking that I had tried every trick in the book, I turned to Chris to help guide us through sleep training for our son Jensen. The whole experience has been a huge success. Her approach was perfect, and she took us back to basics to help lay the solid foundations of day time sleep. This soon flowed into the night times and I’ve gone from 10-15 wake ups a night, to just one feed. Getting into a routine which works, and finally getting some sleep, has made everyone in the household happier and I honestly can’t recommend Chris enough – I just wish I found her sooner!



December 2022

Sleep fairy godmother!

Where do I start! So I first came to Chris as a first time Mum, anxiety completely out of control, very limited support, with a 3 month old who would only sleep for 30 minutes at a time unless he was being held on me. I was physically and emotionally exhausted.
With Chris’ guidance and support, I now have a baby who self settles to sleep, has a nap routine that is flexible and that I can fit around my day and is hours in length.
Not only has Chris supported me, but she continues to support me and is always there when I have any questions or concerns. She is friendly, approachable and has been by fairy godmother of sleep.
I really cannot recommend her highly enough. She is professional but down to earth and always wants to help. Her approach is gentle and we didn’t have any problems with the change she implemented. She explains everything sp you understand whats happening and why. I’ve gained so much confidence and now my son has his little routine I have time for myself. And most importantly we are both happy and well rested. Thank you Chris!
K. Lewis
June 2022

I feel human again

 I felt like we had tried everything, Christine was recommended to me by a friend. I hadn’t ever considered a sleep consultant, I just thought I would figure it out myself. I was so shattered and I couldn’t think straight to make a plan. Christine was able to help me see it all more clearly. She doesn’t have the magic wand (unfortunately) but what she does have, is the ability to make tired parents feel human again. I will be telling all my friends about her.

December 2020

Miss R Masom

Voodoo magic

I don’t know how you do it, but you have helped me get my little one to sleep through the night after months of me trying different things. Thank you So much!!!

November 2020

L. Cross

Invaluable gift

I bought this course as a gift for my brother and his girlfriend who were expecting their first baby. It has been an absolute god send. Chris has such a down-to-earth approach and the course is both accessible and friendly, it was great to see the reassurance it gave them. They still refer back to it now the little man is here! Will definitely be looking to buy the next stages. Thank you!

May 2020

My baby was waking every hour

Cant thank chris enough for everything she does!
My baby was waking every hour every night and I was close the the edge of my tether with the lack of sleep! But after sitting down and going through the 6-9 and 9-12 month program things just clicked now after 21 day’s he’s only waking once a night!
Thankyou again chris your a absolute star  ⭐️

L. Cramman
April 2020

Sleep Space Saviour

“The little cherry tree company has been a saviour in our household for everything sleep related! We’ve used all of the tips from The Sleep Space to help our little one get into a routine, understand where his safe sleep spaces are and we’re understanding the best ways to sooth him. As a first time mum, the sleep routine was far from a routine and more just winging it, until we discovered the Little Cherry Tree Company. The routine has worked wonders for the three of us in the house and has allowed for a more structured day all round. Thank you!”

H. Kyle
May 2020

She gave lots of general advice, tips and reassurance

I had a one to one session today with my 12 week old little girl and would definitely recommend it. My baby can be very unsettled and suffers quite badly from reflux. Chris showed me some nice easy massage techniques to use on her tummy. She also gave lots of general advice, tips and reassurance. It was a very chilled atmosphere with lovely music, my baby ended up falling a sleep.
I’m looking forward to continuing trying the massage techniques out and hoping it helps ease her tummy troubles. She seems to like it so far as she’s very good at telling me what she doesn’t like! The massage is also nice for bonding and skin to skin contact. I’m considering doing a group class next but would recommend a one to one session if you’re a bit unsure and would like some extra focus.

E. Rich
Sept 2017

She was extremely supportive to me and the course was very helpful

I had 3 baby massage sessions for dads with my little girl and I cannot recommend Chris high enough. She was extremely supportive to me and the course was very helpful for dad to daughter bonding.

J. Lloyd
Sept 2017

We had a really lovely baby massage class with The Little Cherry Tree

We had a really lovely baby massage class with The Little Cherry Tree. This was my first experience with baby massage and I really enjoyed the time bonding with my baby. George was so relaxed and I look forward to doing more massage with him. I would highly recommend booking a course with the Little Cherry Tree. Chris is a great teacher and she showed me how important it is to go with the flow of my baby. The session was relaxed and fun and a great skill to learn. Thank you!

G. Atkinson Day
June 2017

We had lots of giggles and the girls loved it. Thoroughly recommend!!

I had a one to one baby massage session with The Little Cherry Tree today. As a twin mummy I have to admit that I just haven’t been to any classes so it was great to spend time with the girls in this way. Christine is just so lovely, puts you at ease straight away and teaches the massage techniques in a fun easy way. We had lots of giggles and the girls loved it. Thoroughly recommend!!

E. Askham
June 2017

I am so grateful for finding the little cherry tree and a good nights sleep

I have a 2 year old who has never been a great sleeper. We went from one bad habit to another and we couldn’t seem to break the cycle. Chris came to see us and after a really in depth chat we put a plan in place that I felt was achievable. Chris supported me through the whole process and I couldn’t have done it without her. I am so grateful for finding the little cherry tree and a good nights sleep.

Sept 2017

Chris gave me lots of great advice

Chris gave me lots of great advice that helped our baby to sleep through the night! I didn’t even believe this was possible because of how restless he was. Many thanks!

K. Severts
Feb 2019

I definitely recommend Christine she’s amazing

Had a sleep workshop today and loved it, meeting new mum’s who have different and some of the same problems with our babies sleeping and learning lots of new Information about how to get into routines. Love Christine she’s always welcoming and listens to every person no matter how big the group always a pleasure seeing her. I definitely recommend Christine she’s amazing.

C. Peacock
Dec 2018

We highly recommend Christine

We loved the course with Christine. It was mine and Eva’s first group, so I felt v nervous, but Christine couldn’t have been more welcoming and I instantly felt relaxed. We have been using the techniques we learnt regularly and have found them really calming especially on Eva’s tummy. We highly recommend Christine.

A Tiernan
Oct 2017

She was very understanding and helped with our sleep difficulties

My 6 months old and I attended Christine’s Healthy Sleep Patterns workshop yesterday. I found it very useful and full of tips and ideas that we can try at home. She was very understanding and had suggestions to help us with our individual sleep difficulties. Would recommend. Thank you!

E. Cordellia
March 2018

Chris was able to help us with a sleep routine which works for us

What a difference you have made to our family in such a short space of time! Chris was able to help us with a sleep routine which works for us. Tailored to suit our whole family so that consistency was never an issue. Chris highlighted things that I already knew but just had simply overlooked and by having them all laid out in front of us, the jigsaw now is coming together so easily. Thank you so much!

A Nightingdale
Jan 2018

Chris was very approachable, non-judgemental and knowledgeable

I hosted a sleep workshop at home today. Chris was very approachable, non-judgemental and knowledgeable. A great session and unsure if coincidence but twin boys straight asleep tonight!

S Ystenes
June 2018

Now the whole family sleeps better

I was exhausted, I didn’t know I could be that tired. Me and my husband were snappy with each other.

When we talked to Chris, it made me see the situation with my son in a different way, because I started to understand developmentally what he needed. Within 2 weeks I saw huge improvements and now the whole family sleeps better and I have a happier relationship with my husband again.

M Roberts
Aug 2019

She was so calming and I felt instantly at ease

I was so nervous about going in to groups with my baby. I have suffered with anxiety for a long time and having Lilly was only making it worse. I contacted Chris about one to one baby massage and we agreed she would come to my home. She was so calming and I felt instantly at ease. The sessions were baby led and I didn’t feel under any pressure, if anything my confidence grew and I am so proud of myself to say I actually went to my first parenting group this week…. I could never have done that without my one to one sessions! I am so thankful for finding the little cherry tree company.

S Harthill
Aug 2019

She was so understanding and helpful!

I visited Christine for a one to one to talk about my daughters awful sleep habits and she was so understanding and helpful. She emailed me after with ideas to try and a plan to put in place for my daughter. I came away feeling really positive and ready to put our plan into action. Thank you Christine.

E. Taylor
April 2018

Christine was a lovely teacher, very knowledgeable

We have just completed the baby massage class and would definitely recommend it. Christine was a lovely teacher, very knowledgeable and provided a really relaxing environment to learn baby massage and also provided lots of general advice.

Sept 2019

She has a wealth of experience and knowledge, we highly recommend

We visited Christine a few months ago for the Healthy Sleep Patterns workshop. The session itself was well run and informative, it was also followed the session up with a really helpful email. Christine is lovely and friendly but professional at the same time. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge, we highly recommend.

E. Weekes
June 2018

Don’t hesitate to contact Chris, you won’t regret it!

I can’t recommend Chris enough! I loved doing baby massage with her so much I’ve done it twice and I’m going on to do her Little Petals development group! She is the perfect balance of fun with useful tips and techniques. I’m not ‘mother earthy’ style so I found her massage perfect for my practical nature! Don’t hesitate to contact Chris, you won’t regret it!

B. Lane
Aug 2018

A calm, supportive haven for Mum and baby!

We have just completed a 5 week baby massage course which was simply wonderful. A calm, supportive haven for Mum and baby! The massage routines are great, but possibly even better is the gentle, friendly advice from Chris. Her previous experience in child development means that she is very knowledgeable but she also has two young girls so the tips are always practical as well! As a first time Mum I found the sessions a great source of comfort and fun. They were the highlight of my week!

N. Jones
Oct 2018

Chris is incredibly professional but also very friendly

Me and my son Alfie are currently attending The Little Cherry Tree on the Little Petals Development Course. We are half way through our course now and it’s fab. Exactly what I was hoping for and full of lots of practical and informative sessions that are perfect for me as a first time mum. Chris is incredibly professional but also very friendly, who offers a home from home environment.

Outside of the course, Chris always responds to any questions or offers advice when needed, so the service she provides is not just when we meet up.

Me and Alfie will actually miss coming once our course ends. Thank you Chris for all the support and guidance you have given us so far.

D. Featherstone
Nov 2019

Thank you Chris – you’re a lifesaver!!!

We have just completed 2 months sleep support with Chris and we can’t thank her or recommend her enough. Our 7 month old daughter has made such incredible progress with her daytime naps and overnight sleeping and the advice and support Chris gave us made such a massive difference. Chris’ communication during the 2 months was incredible and she also gave us additional weaning, teething and health advice when we needed it too. Thank you Chris – you’re a lifesaver!!!

J. Whiting
Sept 2019