Sleep WEEK

Sleep week starts Monday 22nd march 2021

Sign up to my Free sleep week, I will be sharing my tips and tricks to help you build the right foundations for healthier sleep for your little humans!!

I have been running Sleep weeks for 2 years, this week will be run via emails. Each day you will be getting an email from me at 10am. It’s aimed for parents with babies in their first year of life!

I cant wait to get started!!!

Chris x


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    Chris was able to help us with a sleep routine which works for us

    What a difference you have made to our family in such a short space of time! Chris was able to help us with a sleep routine which works for us. Tailored to suit our whole family so that consistency was never an issue. Chris highlighted things that I already knew but just had simply overlooked and by having them all laid out in front of us, the jigsaw now is coming together so easily. Thank you so much!

    A Nightingdale
    Jan 2018

    Now the whole family sleeps better

    I was exhausted, I didn’t know I could be that tired. Me and my husband were snappy with each other.

    When we talked to Chris, it made me see the situation with my son in a different way, because I started to understand developmentally what he needed. Within 2 weeks I saw huge improvements and now the whole family sleeps better and I have a happier relationship with my husband again.

    M Roberts
    Aug 2019