What to do when the clocks go back

In the Autumn, the clocks go back an hour, Pre-children getting an extra hour in bed was amazing … post children it often gives us no benefit!! The clock changes can cause lots of disruption to your routines or if you currently have an early riser this could potentially make them wake earlier!!

Here are some things for you to consider

😴We are trying to shift your babies biological clock in preparation for the clock change so first things first, use the natural light we do have  to keep them a little more awake in the evenings, for example go for a walk after tea

😴Keep your quiet time and your routines in order as much as you can over the next couple of weeks particularly. We can’t avoid the teething, illness and other blips that get in our way but we can control other things!

😴Start putting bedtime back by 10 – 15 minutes for couple of nights and then shift it again by 10 – 15 mins. In line with this shift your other daily routines slightly by this time scale also. We are doing this so that when the clocks change you will be back to your normal bedtime!

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