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5 Steps to Calming your baby

calming baby

  There are 5 steps to calming your baby. Your Baby has a calming reflex, and this can be used to soothe a crying baby. There are some steps to take and it is important to get the technique right, or you will likely make baby more upset. In this blog I will be telling […]

What to do when the clocks go back

clock change

In the Autumn, the clocks go back an hour, Pre-children getting an extra hour in bed was amazing … post children it often gives us no benefit!! The clock changes can cause lots of disruption to your routines or if you currently have an early riser this could potentially make them wake earlier!! Here are […]

Baby wont nap for long

cat napper

“My baby wont nap” does that sound like a phrase you have said lately? It isnt that your baby wont nap, it is that they still need to learn the skill to nap efficiently. Short Naps, commonly known as cat naps can feel very frustrating. Especially when your little one wakes up just as tired […]

Clock Changes – Spring Forward

clock change

Day light saving happens twice a year, and it is designed to make the most out of the day light hours. The Spring clock change always feels better than the Autumn one, Whilst we “lose” an hour of sleep, for children this is easier to adjust to than gaining an extra, and not always getting […]

My recommended Top 5 Sleep Products


My recommend Top 5 Sleep Products  Working with families and having children of my own I have come across all sorts of baby equipment and products. I remember as a newly pregnant mum walking into a well known baby shop and feeling completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of “stuff” There was literally something for […]

Daytime napping – The mysteries solved


Daytime napping – The mysteries solved As adults after a long day we normally crash to sleep with exhaustion but for a little person, it is quite the opposite. Having too little day time sleep can really unsettle your baby’s night time sleep. An over tired child is one of the worst types to manage. […]

Daytime Napping


  Daytime Napping There is a fine balance of getting the right amount of sleep in the day and at night. If you get it off balance you can find you have very restless nights or Early risers. The key is that Sleep promotes sleep! What does this mean? Well in simple terms if you […]

The Sleep Space

Healthier sleep means happier families

The Sleep space – Blog Embrace your own parenting journey Parenting is different for everyone, yet as human beings we always find ourselves comparing ourselves and our children to others. We all want our children to be individuals, to grow up and to be able to make their own decisions. To not follow what their […]