My recommended Top 5 Sleep Products

My recommend Top 5 Sleep Products 

Working with families and having children of my own I have come across all sorts of baby equipment and products. I remember as a newly pregnant mum walking into a well known baby shop and feeling completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of “stuff” There was literally something for everything and whilst one part of me knew I didn’t need half of it for my baby, the other part of me questioned myself. I admit I did end up leaving that shop with things that stayed in the package and I never used. Two children later and still in the original sealed packaging I ended up donating them to charity shops. 

However I have come across some amazing products available to parents and I always recommend them because I either used them myself or I have seen the positive impacts they have on families and their sleep. In this blog I am going to sharing my top 5 sleep related  products. 



Zippy up sells amazing products but my new favourite is their quilted Cotton sleeping bag with legs and detachable arms. These are great for those babies who don’t like the sleeping bags or for those that struggle to get the layering right! They are beautifully made with 100% cotton. They tumble dry which is always a massive win in my house!!! These are perfect for babies 6 months up to 3 years olds!! The zips make those night time nappy changes so much easier, avoiding the fumbling around in the dark for those pesky poppers that guarantee to misalign. Highly recommend heading to their website and checking these out for your little ones!! 




I highly recommend these for a couple of reasons, they are a perfect night light with an adjustable screen to get the brightness to an appropriate level. When your baby grows and they need a little help recognising when it is morning time then from 2 years old, this clock is a perfect visual aid. With a blue screen at night with stars that disappear as the night progresses to a yellow sunshine in the morning!! The best bit… you get to set when morning time is 😉 Having a sense of time is very tricky for your little ones especially when the clocks change so this is a great tool to support your little ones sleep habits and help them to adjust to have timing changes you are making!! 




I really wish I knew about shooze shade products when my girls were younger. We all know that darkness helps promote sleep, but it can be tricky when sleeping in different environments, that’s why with Christmas just around the corner this product is an essential! The snooze shade for travel cots!!!, Their award winning black out shades fit perfectly onto travel cots. Their “better than breathable mesh fabric lets air flow freely but blocks out enough light and distractions to allow your little one to drift off to sleep. They also do snooze shades for other baby items so head over to the website and check it out!!! 


Technically this one is for the Adults, but we deserve a good nights sleep to!! With the never ending jobs list and the bottomless washing basket amongst other things, switching off as a parent can be super hard!!! We know we should factor in some time for ourselves but it doesn’t always seem possible! The amazing Space masks are a great heated eye mask that helps us to relax, unwind and help to calm a busy mind when trying to fall to sleep. The Jasmine masks are my favourite!!! If you are a sleep deprived parent then this is something  for you!!! 


This app is one of my favourites, I still it with my children now. This app provides a wide range of sleep audio to help your little ones fall to sleep and you 😉 Our favourite is Moshi Paws but there are so many to choose from you will never be bored. A study showed those using Moshi fell asleep quicker and slept for longer. My clients often call it voodoo magic 😉 What ever it is, I wouldn’t be without it and it helped my children to fall asleep wherever we were, so definitely a win if you are travelling to stay with family over the Christmas period!!! 

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