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Embrace your own parenting journey

Parenting is different for everyone, yet as human beings we always find ourselves comparing ourselves and our children to others.

We all want our children to be individuals, to grow up and to be able to make their own decisions. To not follow what their friends are doing because they think they should. With that in mind we should be treating them as individuals from the very beginning! Fight that inner voice that makes you worry they aren’t doing something and focus on what they are doing!!

When it comes to sleep, little people throw us off track in those early weeks and our bodies are adjusting to all these changes. In this time, don’t even worry about routines and forming bad habits. Enjoy your baby and get to know them.  The antenatal and newborn sections are a great place to start building your understanding of “what” babies are able to do and what is normal.

As your child grows they will need routines and guidance to encourage healthy sleep patterns. Like with anything in life if we do our research then things don’t seem as daunting.

The Sleep Space

There are so many people and products out there telling us that they can get our children to sleep in a week. In life we are constantly sold on the quick fix. However, when it comes to sleep and our children we should be looking at investing time and not “the quick fix” There are key factors that should be considered, and as parents if we could understand the following things first, then any sleep work we do will be far more affective.


Understanding the temperament of our child. This is why we do not use a one size fits all. You know your baby and child. I have two girls and they are both very different so don’t worry if what worked for your first child is not working for your second. I would expect that because they are not the same person!!


What are they capable of. This is about understanding their developmental milestones and you might not really know what those milestones are. That is completely normal. The Sleep Space provides guidance on children’s abilities in each age bracket.


This means two things:

  • Where are you in life right now? If you are going on holiday in two weeks or do you have lots of plans coming up that would affect being fully focused then maybe now isn’t the right time to make too many changes for sleep. My advice is always that you need 26 nights of consistency to see positive changes so if that isn’t possible maybe look at the smaller things you could tweak first in preparation for other changes. For example, you want to stop co sleeping, but you are going on holiday and will be sharing a room for a week anyway. The obvious thing would be don’t stop co sleeping until you get home, but you may start talking more about their own room if they are old enough to understand or if they are little, you might start spending time in their room so they become familiar with the surroundings, even putting them in the cot when putting washing away etc.


  • The second is where will the changes take place, just at home? Will you be working with child care settings? At another primary carers house?The more you can all work together and be consistent the better your outcomes will be.


Once you understand the above sections then you will find the HOW in the sleep space. I have broken it down into age brackets and then problems that may arise and the things to expect.  Within these are different solutions to changing that behaviour. You can find the best solution for your family.

The Sleep Space does not guarantee that your child will sleep through in a week, though some might.  What we do promise is that with better understanding of sleep hygiene, how our bodies work and then understanding the WWWH approach you will become more confident in your parenting choices. That you can use the sleep space to make the right decisions for you and your family at a time that is right… for you all.  It is about setting realistic expectations that allows you to be more consistent and not starting a task that feels completely overwhelming but actually breaking it down into bite size chunks.

Healthier sleep means happier families, let us guide you on your parenting journey.

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