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Little Cherry Tree – BLOG – Sleep Week Is Coming

Here at the Little Cherry Tree we know how important a good sleep routine is for children and babies. However, with the clock changes coming, we also know how tricky sleep routines can be when everything is an hour out.

This is why we run something we called ‘Sleep Week’. This takes place from the 23rd March and helps parents of babies and young children manage the sleep routine when the clocks change. Below we have listed some top tips and ways you can manage a good routine during the change. You can also join our Facebook group where we will be sharing lots of tips throughout Sleep Week which will help you and your family.

Slow Adjustments

As we have said, routine is important for babies and children. Making the transition as the clocks change needs to be unnoticeable as possible. In the week leading up to the clocks changing, move the bedtime 10 minutes each night for 6 consecutive nights. The changes will be so small that they may even go unnoticed by your baby.

Dark Room

As the clocks change the light shines at different times too. With the unpredictable weather in the UK this might be a noticeable change, but it might not. We would recommend blackout blinds in your child’s room to stay on the safe side and make sure that light at unusual hours doesn’t wake them.

Wakey Wakey

Just as you have changed the going to bed time by 10 minutes each night, do the same for the mornings. Moving the time that you wake your child by just 10 minutes for 6 mornings in a row will be a small change that your baby or child might not even notice.

Temperature Changes

As the hours change, the temperature changes too. Make sure you keep an eye on the temperature in your child’s room. Also, double check you have the right nightwear and bed sheets for the change in temperature.  A cold or hot baby can give you and your family a very restless night’s sleep.

The changing of the clocks can be a change in routine for you, but this needn’t affect your child’s sleep routine. Pop on to our Facebook group now and get some top tips and support from the community of parents just like you.

This is just one of the many topics we will cover in the Sleep week, so if you are looking to get your child’s sleep on track you wont want to miss this!!