Declutter and reorganise to improve our mental health


Did you know having a well-organised, uncluttered home benefits more than just your living space? It benefits YOU. It really is a form of self-care 💓
From helping people with their homes over the years, benefits I have found include:

Physically, and time-wise

•home is easier to take care of: less “things” to work around and move when cleaning
•being able to find belongings, because everything has a place, and there are systems and routines in place. No more lost keys, shoes 👞👟, paperwork.📥. No more not being able to find that item of clothing you wanted to wear tomorrow.💃💃


•being able to spend more quality time with family and friends. Without the guilt of having so much to do around the house (that you aren’t sure where to start on)
•Feeling more “present.” Not thinking about what else you should be doing while you are spending  time with  with your child 👶, family 👪 and friends, or even while you are doing nothing
•long-term. Not wanting to leave it all to our families to deal with when we are gone. Garages, sheds, lofts and cupboards full of “stuff”
•Not feeling like you can’t have friends and family over because of the state of the house.Yes, in our minds we know people are coming to see is, not the house, but the worry can still be there, and that affects us



•alot of money can be spent replacing lost items when our home is disorganised. When I am working,often I hear “Oh, I had to buy another (piece of clothing/ toiletry/book/wrapping paper/ birthday card……) because I couldn’t find this one.”


•visual clutter: many people are really affected  by the clutter in their homes.And sometimes they don’t even realise how much it is affecting them.The visual clutter, and the clutter they know is hidden behind closed doors in their home, really can affect people’s mental health
•anxiety, or a constant feeling of being on edge, can often be linked to clutter and disorganisation.There can be a catch-22 where too much clutter leads to the feeling of “I can’t cope/I dont know where to start/I don’t know where to start, so I won’t do anything.I can’t cope…”
 When I get to the end of a session working with my customers, one of the most common things people say to me is “I feel so much lighter.!” They are genuinely surprised at how much their home was weighing them down. This is such a rewarding part of my job 😍😍..
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