Returning to school

Returning to School

We are all entering a new period of change. Your little human might be starting school or they are returning to school after the break. For some of us, this will be the first time in 6 months. Never did I imagine that Maddie wouldn’t have returned to school in reception class, but actually be going into year 1. ¬†Everyone will have different emotions about their children going back to school and that is absolutely fine. Be mindful of how you are feeling and how your little ones are feeling.

Preparing for school isn’t just about the uniform, the hair cut and packing a lunch bag. It is also important to think about their sleep habits. This year even more so than any other. Routines will have shifted and bedtimes will be later and mornings will be slower and now we are at a point that we need to be up and out the house at a certain time and we need to think about getting to bed at a normal time because sleep is so essential to their growth and development.

Returning to school will always make your little human tired. They have extra stimulation and with it emotional adjustment as they get back into routines that may seem a distant memory to them.

They will adjust to the new routines, but don’t be afraid to have an early night, if they look tired. It is far better to do that then let them get over tired by stretching to the normal bedtime.

You may also find that they have a weekend nap. They may have napped for months or longer, but it is ok, let them recharge during this period of transition.

Try to avoid packing to much after school activities in, especially in the first few weeks. Let them rest and have calm time when they get home. Ensure screen time is not in the hour on the run up to bedtime as this will affect them getting restful sleep.

Healthy sleep promotes healthy minds who can focus and process information better for the next day at school, so it really is important to invest some time into their sleep habits. If sleep is befog a battle and they are not adjusting as well as you would have hoped then do book one of our free 15 minute calls to discuss how I can help you get sleep back on track. Contact me by clicking here

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