Sleep and Isolation

Isolation from Covid-19

Everyone will be experiencing Isolation and social distancing in different ways, the most important thing is that we all stay safe. As parents we just want to protect our children and do what is best for them. Being in isolation is a new thing. We are all learning how we react to it but how to find new routines.

For a start it felt like a school holiday, or the christmas break, particularly with the shops being empty of pretty much most things. It is a worrying time but our children wont remember that. They will remember the extra cuddles, the extra play time… basically the extra time they have been able to have with us. With the UK looking to be extending their lockdown, I wanted to talk about the impact on sleep.

Some people are using isolation and social distancing to focus on their naps, and encouraging better napping to improve their night time sleep. Great!! Without the distraction of getting to groups, you are able to focus on this. For others it is simply about surviving!! That is ok too. If you do ANYTHING sleep related in this lockdown, then let be routines. Our children thrive on them, they feel safe and they feel secure. Stick to your bedtime routines. It is easy to let them get later because the evenings have been nice and it is easy to let them slip because the days are so different. However this isn’t like a holiday. We don’t know how long this will last. The longer the bedtimes become later or the routines don’t happen then the harder it will be to get them back.

What if?

If the government announced that we were all going back to schools and work next week. Do you feel you could go straight back in to it? or do you feel that the little ones might struggle getting out the house early to childcare. Let alone us trying to get back to work. If that feels really daunting then try to get some routines back. At least get your bedtimes and wake times as consistent as possible.

If you need support doing this then check out our Sleep space for more support and join our community so you will never feel alone. Alternatively look at the services we offer and how we can support you to get you back on track. Isolation and social distancing